These little Demented shop bags are good for your shoulder or waist. You can put your wallet, keys, phone, skate tool or maybe even a fingerboard haha. Utility bags are good for on the go or while you're skating in town! The shop has black and charcoal available now so come check them out. Its summer time and we hope everyone had a good go skate day too! If anyone ever needs anything please don't hesitate to call, email or message us on instagram or facebook. Have a blessed day!

Demented loves to carry and support local brands like this one! Hellacool skateboards started in 2013 and is run by local James Kelch. James used to ride for Real skateboards in the 90's and they help make his boards too. They make them in sizes 8, 8.25, 8.375 and 8.5 available at shop now! Summer is in full effect now so go out and skate and enjoy because it will be winter before you know it. This year has been going by really fast already!

Demented just got some new boards in from Revive! We love having and supporting local brands in the shop. Its better having decks that are not at the mall or online. The shop really tries to have products that are not everywhere and brands we can get behind. Its been a slow start to the year but summer is here! Come in and say whats up and let us help you find what you need. We love skateboarding and will continue to support our community the best we can for as long as were still here. Demented needs your support now more than ever. The shop is coming up on 20 years this August and were still adapting with the ever changing times we live in. Thanks!

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Owned and operated by skateboarders since 2002.  We love skateboarding so much we opened a shop to help give back!  The skateshop is the heart of the local scene.  Doing events and having a place to go instead of going online or to the mall.  This shop is home to everyone that walks through that door.  We treat everyone the same and appreciate all the support and love we get from our customers! Stay blessed

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