These necklaces are made from old broken recycled skateboards! Demented has a little wood shop in the back of the shop. We make rings as well and have leftover shavings that usually get thrown away. So we decided to sift through them and put them in these little jars! Come check these out and carry a piece of skateboarding with you wherever you go. We appreciate you calling, emailing, messaging or any other form of contacting us. The shop is happy to serve you and the community. Enjoy this fall weather!

Demented just started selling golf discs recently! We've seen a lot of skaters that play disc golf so we decided to get some limited ones for the shop! These discs are custom spin dyes that you won't find anywhere else. We have a few different types of plastics as well with putters, mid ranges and drivers. Come in the shop and check these out along with all the rad skateboard products we carry too! Christmas will be here before you know it.

The worlds best socks are back in the skateshop! Our Demented Ohio logo athletic socks are super premium. They have double padded toes and heels so you don't get holes in them. Also they stay to fit and don't slide down your ankles like some socks do. Lastly they have tiny mesh holes in the top of sock to let them breathe so you don't get swamp foot. The holidays will be here before you know it so stop in and check to see what we have in stock. Thanks for checking us out and we appreciate all the support and love! Go out and do some skateboarding!

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Owned and operated by skateboarders since 2002.  We love skateboarding so much we opened a shop to help give back!  The skateshop is the heart of the local scene.  Doing events and having a place to go instead of going online or to the mall.  This shop is home to everyone that walks through that door.  We treat everyone the same and appreciate all the support and love we get from our customers! Stay blessed

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