Demented fingerboards just came into the shop! We've had some wooden ones before but these are 3D printed. These are made by 3D Blueprints out of good old Las Vegas! They have abec 7 bearings so they're super fast too. All black with machete rails built in with super responsive trucks as well. Come in the shop and check out these super limited and unique items! Thanks for checking us out and we appreciate the business.

Madnice skateboards is a local brand from Middletown! The owner is Matt and you'll be able to catch him shredding Baker bowl inside Smith park. He hooks up some local riders and supporters of the shop! Demented wants to carry items that you can't get at the mall. We believe in supporting the community we live in and appreciate us being here 20 years this August!!! Thank you so much we love you!

Demented has had a lot of products that we've made over the years. This is a lunch box that is good for school, skatepark or wherever you might need to bring some food or drinks with you. It's inside is pretty big and it has an outside pocket for storage with a place for a drink on the side too. The shop gets all of Demented's products locally and we get them made locally as well. By you supporting us that means you support the community! Thanks!

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Owned and operated by skateboarders since 2002.  We love skateboarding so much we opened a shop to help give back!  The skateshop is the heart of the local scene.  Doing events and having a place to go instead of going online or to the mall.  This shop is home to everyone that walks through that door.  We treat everyone the same and appreciate all the support and love we get from our customers! Stay blessed

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