Demented's little wood shop in the back is where we make cool products out of skateboards! We only use broken old decks and the used decks that are not broken we give them to skaters. The shop tries to help out the environment and also the local skaters that might need a back up board. About 3 million old broken decks a year get thrown away but we're doing our best to help recycle! Here are a few rings we just made and that are for sale in the shop. Stop in soon and check some out and come say hello. Thanks for all your support!!!!

We hope everyone is staying warm out there! Its about to be February and spring will be here before you know it. Skateboarding gives us and so many others true happiness! Sometimes its nice to get away from the world for awhile and get some physical and mental exercise. If anyone ever needs anything at all please hit us up or come stop in the shop. Email, call, message on facebook or instagram. We will be updating our site, youtube and online store more often coming into the new year as well. Demented just had a little one recently and its looking like the best year ever! 20 years strong in August on the 9th!!! Thank you and go skateboarding

This sequence was shot by our good friend and supporter Ryan True! The skater is Tom Wadsworth which has been coming into the shop since it opened. The trick was switch 180 manual to backside lipslide at the indoor skatepark. We appreciate all the support and love the shop has gotten over the years! Demented will be having our 20th year anniversary on August 9th 2022 and we're so excited. The skateshop opened in 2002 and we're so happy we get to serve the community! It looks like we're getting a new skatepark in Lebanon here very soon. We're working on getting one in Hamilton and West Chester as well over the next few years. Thank you so much and we hope you all have a fantastic day! Enjoy the nice weather we have.

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Owned and operated by skateboarders since 2002.  We love skateboarding so much we opened a shop to help give back!  The skateshop is the heart of the local scene.  Doing events and having a place to go instead of going online or to the mall.  This shop is home to everyone that walks through that door.  We treat everyone the same and appreciate all the support and love we get from our customers! Stay blessed

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