Motiv bearings are available in Demented Skateshop! These bearings are made where the famous Reds bearings are made. Except there is a metal crown instead of a nylon crown to keep the ball bearings in place. Having the metal crown is more durable than using the nylon crown that a lot of bearings use. Also they use a cream instead of a lubricant as well. This provides a smoother ride and the bearings don't dry out as easy with cream compared to lubricant that other bearings will have. Stop in the shop and give them a try!

Demented makes custom skate wax! We have our normal Ohio logo and pocket wax in lego form. The shop gets our ingredients locally as well. This is super fast and you just need a little to get going! We also make wax for shops and brands so email us if you have any questions at all. Fall is the perfect time to get out and skate, so go out and enjoy it before the snow comes. Thanks for checking us out. We appreciate it so much!

These necklaces are made from old broken recycled skateboards! Demented has a little wood shop in the back of the shop. We make rings as well and have leftover shavings that usually get thrown away. So we decided to sift through them and put them in these little jars! Come check these out and carry a piece of skateboarding with you wherever you go. We appreciate you calling, emailing, messaging or any other form of contacting us. The shop is happy to serve you and the community. Enjoy this fall weather!

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Owned and operated by skateboarders since 2002.  We love skateboarding so much we opened a shop to help give back!  The skateshop is the heart of the local scene.  Doing events and having a place to go instead of going online or to the mall.  This shop is home to everyone that walks through that door.  We treat everyone the same and appreciate all the support and love we get from our customers! Stay blessed

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