Demented Skateshop believes skateboarding can change not only lives but the world. We've had people literally come from prison to buy a board to stay out of trouble. Its good for adults as well as kids. Skateboarding teaches self discipline, perseverance, determination, dedication, how to deal with pain and lots of other things. It has helped us shape who we are and how we look at the world. You look at everything different than any normal person. Skateboarders see buildings, landscape, nature and amongst other things some people would just walk past. We love skateboarding so much we wanted to give back and start this skateshop. Just keep pushing in life like we do on our skateboard. To treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Where else can you go like a skatepark and not have any politics, race, gender or how much money you make be of any topic. Skaters get judged and people think there all punks. Demented sees so much more than just by how you look. At the skatepark is where we all share a common bond and leave everything else outside in the world. When your skateboarding all you problems fade away. Whether it be bills, family issues, friends, school or whatever. Skateboarding is a drug and one that you can do as you wish and better than any real drug or alcohol you can find. Come stop in and say hi and see what our culture is all about. #stayblessed

art by Henry Jones


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