Jenkem Magazine just put out an article on their website about how we can keep skateshops alive. Being a small business we know how hard it can be to survive in 2018 in retail. Especially being a skateshop selling skateboards, shoes and apparel. Not everyone skateboards but everyone does wear shoes and apparel. Its just getting the people to know about where your at when they don't know anything about skateboarding. Usually word of mouth is always best for the shop. Demented treats people right and they appreciate it so they send customers our way. We really love and appreciate all our customers that support our shop and skateboarding. A lot of people go online but its way better to stand on the board and try the shoes on to make sure its a good fit. For example if you break your board that day you can come in the shop and get one that day and get back to shredding! Were hoping in 2019 will still be here to help and serve all the awesome humans we get into Demented!!! #thankyouskateboarding

Link is below for article


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